Core Values


At LumaSonic, we believe that the dependability of equipment and personnel must be a core value. Our focus on dependability of equipment that every piece of equipment provided by us functions at the best of its abilities. This is achieved by a systematic service schedule that tackles preventive and breakdown maintenance as well as providing sufficient backup of equipment on site.
Our dependability on personnel is achieved through a rigorous screening process of potential employees to determine the individual's values as well as repeatedly educating our team on the importance of an event not only from the event planner's perspective but from that of the end client too.


Our dedicated team of practically trained professionals combined with our commitment to go beyond industry standard norms ensures that not only are our clients attaining premium equipment at cost-effective prices but are also achieving their desired end result in the most spectacular manner possible.


In the current event scenario within the country, it is unfortunate that safety often plays second fiddle to aesthetics or cost. While we understand the constraints placed on event planners to serve up ever increasing levels of cost efficiency and creativity, we vehemently believe that this should never be achieved via the use of uncertified equipment to reduce costs or at the compromise of safe working practices. We do not claim to be the safest event technology provider of the nation, however, it is fair to state that through constant curiosity on the subject and practical implementation of our findings as a result of this curiosity that we are in a state of continual improvement in this regard.


While we have no qualms about event planners referring to us as a vendor, it is pertinent to note that our preferred role is that of a partner. A substantial proportion of our clientele selects us as the preferred technical service provider based on the fact that we place a far deeper emphasis on precautions to ensure the lack of difficulty on-site rather than maintaining plausible deniability or playing the blame game. As an organisation, we are partial toward situations where an open dialogue is possible with the event planner so that we can raise any and all concerns prior to the delivery date thus enabling the project leader to make informed decisions. The more involved we are allowed to be during the planning phase, the higher the degree of success we can achieve at an event.


Our dedicated team of practically trained professionals ensures not only that our clients achieve their intended purpose, but do so in the most spectacular manner possible. Regular training sessions specifically curated with varying levels of intensity to match the abilities of every individual ensures that the delivery exceeds expectations and creates memorable experiences.


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